“What makes Stacy Vason HairCare “Beyond Extraordinary™” unique is that I had every woman in mind when I tested over 100 products on a diverse group of women and I consider every possible need, then I listened to their feedback and experience. I simply ask women what were their haircare needs. My intention was for them to tell me what their needs are, not for me to tell them.”

Based on Stacy’s years of hairstyling experience, she wanted to share her knowledge with a broader audience by developing a high quality hair care line. Through her Stacy Vason HairCare Company, she will provide the customer with products that meets their needs, exceeds their expectations, makes the woman feel good about her hair and have a product line that continuously evolves with the ever changing trends. “I want every woman to love how her hair feels, smells and looks after using my products.” Also, she paid special attention to the ingredients in each product to be sure the ingredients promotes healthy hair with natural body and shine and does not compromise the integrity of the hair. Pertinent factors she considered for products that promote healthy hair when developing her company were UV and thermal impact (heating tool protection), not stripping the hair of its natural nutrients (sulfate and paraben free products), and the effects of the climate and quality of the water (products add moisture and conditions).

“I intend and am committed to making a lasting impact like never before on the industry through integrity, knowledge, dedication, love and passion for the customer and the industry. Stacy Vason HairCare is a company that is Reliable, Consistent, and get measureable Results.


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